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Stone or Paver Patio/Walkways:
ARL can enhance the look of both the front and back of your home or commercial property with brick or stone.  From winding walkways to patios built into their natural surroundings, we create designs using the proper color and shading.  We also give careful consideration to texture and shape to maintain a natural look.
Our patios and walkways are constructed with a crushed stone base and a drainage system to provide a solid foundation that will be enjoyed for generations.  Ask us about our guarantee.
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Irrigation Systems:  
ARL is an active member in the Irrigation Association and have a qualified team to do the install. 
The installation of an irrigation system can be a huge time and money saver.  Irrigation systems provide convenient, long lasting use around your home, business and lawn or garden.  Irrigation systems give a sufficient amount of water without waste.  Wether it's watering a single flower bed or an entire yard, Autumn Ridge will work with you to develop an irrigation system that meets your properties needs.  
Retaining/Decorative Walls:
​A beautiful Garden is showcased by an understated, yet classy retaining wall.  Retaining walls are a fundemental element in commercial and residential construction; a structual retaining wall adds strength and appeal to any design and they are an esthetic element to many residential landscaping designs.  There are many uses for retaining walls as there are niches on your property.  A little imagination and suggestions from our staff can turn your backyard into a paradise
Ponds and Water Features:
Autumn Ridge Landscaping is expertly skilled in the design and construction of custom built water features, for both residential and commercial properties.  Our artistic and creative technique combined with a well-designed system makes your dream water garden or pond a reality for home and business owners alike.  Water features can be environmentally friendly and completely customized to blend naturally with your specific environment.  A pond is a great complement to an adjacent deck, brick patio or gazebo.  It is also a great calming and relaxing feature.
Outdoor Lighting:
Quality outdoor lighting is essential for comfort as well as security.  Outdoor lighting provides that finishing touch to a beautifully landscaped property.  Outdoor lighting can create an inviting entrance to your home or business and offer a comforting and cozy feel.  We will work with you to develop a lighting design that will enhance your landscape.  The lighting you choose can be a dramatic focal point, give character and brighten up dark corners of your outside area.
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